The Cassiopeia Foundation is the result of pure appreciation, respect and love to all women.

Given past experience and identifying a specific demand, we created a unique “Women Only” product in the form of tours that combine a variety of activities, workshops, group dynamic and direct contact with nature – all balanced together.

The tours were built to bring women from all around the world together for unique and special experiences, which also serve to enhance their strengths and to unite them through mutual support and help – here is where the Cassiopeia Foundation comes into action:

1. During the tours: All our tours include a minimum half-day voluntary service for the good of the local society.

2. Donations: 10% of all package costs are a donation to the Cassiopeia foundation. The given funds are destined back to women worldwide.

At the Cassiopeia Foundation, we have identified 3 main areas in which we will concentrate our efforts to help.lazo_rosa_cancer_mama

1. Medical Research

It seems as though everyone has a relative or friend that suffered one or another women related illness. One of the most fatal being breast cancer. At the Cassiopeia foundation we have placed an emphasis on this illness with a clear objective to help those who are working to find possible cures while on the other hand helping women suffering from this illness in any way we can.

2. Education

Many girls worldwide are not allowed to go to school while for others it is impossible due to the lack of basic infrastructures, teachers, etc. Our mission is to help bring education to these girls in order to prepare them for a better future. On the other hand, we want to give women the same opportunity to learn starting from basic reading, writing and math to useful professions which they will be able to use to support their families and communities.

3. Women’s Rights

Focus on women’s rights, we would like to assure you that all funds received will be put to real direct and good use and the grand majority of it will reach those who truly need them. There are so many ways and forms in which women’s rights are violated that it’s impossible to give priority to one over the other. We can only hope that with time and the support of our participants and donors, we will be able to help as many women as possible.

With our Cassiopeia Women we will begin our quest for justice and equality all over the world but should you want add and help us directly please do so by donating through the following bank account:

ES10 0081 0520 8400 0119 9222

At the end of 2014 Cassiopeia Foundation will announce the 3 selected projects related with the above main areas. Should you recognize a need in which we could participate we will be more than happy to take it into consideration. Details should be sent to:

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