Discover Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is a women´s travel constellation with members from all over the world.

Cassiopeia is a unique experience of traveling with other women, discovering exceptional places and people and participating in a journey of awareness.

Cassiopeia is our way to meet, to connect,
to share knowledge and feelings and to collaborate in many fields.

Cassiopeia 4×4    Nature & Adventure

More than an excursion! A unique travel experience for women from all over the world. 4x4 self-drive guided journey in Catalonia, Spain. From the Pyrenees Mountains to the beaches of the Costa Brava.

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Cassiopeia Wine    Woman & Wine In Natural Essence

A journey for women who love nature, wine and wish to sharpen the senses and expand the feminine perception. Discovering Catalonia, a land of wine and gastronomy with its own and unique character.

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Cassiopeia Networking   

Cassiopeia is international networking that gives women from different places and cultures the opportunity to meet and collaborate in all fields – from voluntary and social work to business initiatives.

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What is Cassiopeia?

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Cassiopeia is an international women's network. We come from various countries, cultures and backgrounds and have many different occupations and interests; Traveling together is our way to connect, to learn from each other and to contribute to society.

Cassiopeia is for all women that are curious about human nature and wish to discover more of the world. Is for any woman who is interested in collaborating with other people and would like to expand her horizons.

Cassiopeia is for any woman with willpower and an open mind.

Our vision

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Women have a lot of life experience, that's why we believe that the union of women together creates a great synergy. Women are constantly required to deal with all aspects of life. Women talk and listen, they share experiences and support each other. Women are naturally strong; they are capable of crossing borders and overcome physical and emotional barriers. Together – women discover every time the beautiful power of femininity.

Cassiopeia's philosophy is inspired by that magical energy that comes up when women are together. In Cassiopeia's journeys women of the world meet each other; Along their journey they participate in special activities, they confront challenges, and they contribute to local society. They get to know each other and to learn about themselves. Together, Cassiopeia's women define their own trail.